Peer Stories

Our participants tell us that peer stories – those that reflect their own experiences – help them stay motivated on their path to recovery.

Early Signs

“The psychosis started really kind of small.” Lilah

“I started noticing more symptoms…” Tim

“I started having bizarre thoughts…” Tiffany

“I started off with the paranoid feeling…” Tiffany

“When the voices first started happening…” Isabel

“I kind of thought they were ghosts or demons or imaginary friends…” Isabel

“…I tried to touch my dad. And it’s like your hand went through…”

How Symptoms Get In The Way

“I thought, why am I so stressed…” Isaac

“I couldn’t control what was going on…” Isaac

“I would lose time sometimes…” Tim

“Then it mushroomed into me feeling like everyone was out to get me…” Lilah

“It was a thought that I had done something mean and hurtful…” Isaac

Path To Recovery

“…they were 100% supportive…” Haleema

“…just seeing other people who are suffering and who are trying to get better…” Haleema

“…spreading awareness…” Haleema

Finding Hope

“As long as you hold on to some hope…” Isabel

“I started to know that things were getting better…” Tiffany

“…I’ve learned how to shut them off…” Haleema

“I think because I have finally accepted my mental health…”

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