Wendy Y. Craig, PhD

Research Navigator

Research Interests

  • Risk factor identification and evaluation
  • Assay development and implementation
  • Clinical screening

Wendy Y. Craig, Ph.D. is a Research Navigator at Maine Medical Center (MMC). Dr. Craig received a B.Sc. in biochemistry from the University of Bath, UK (1981), a Ph.D. in physiology from Stanford University (1986) and has a background that spans basic, clinical laboratory, and clinical research.

During her research career, Dr. Craig has acquired extensive experience in study development, design, implementation, analysis, and publication. She has also developed experience in and a passion for education. As Research Navigator, Dr. Craig is responsible for supporting and mentoring investigators at all stages in the research pathway. Her goal is to reduce the logistic barriers to research in all departments at MMC, with a focus on implementing a systematic program to guide new investigators through the intellectual, practical and regulatory processes that must occur before data collection begins.

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