Caitlin Gutheil, MS

Research Coordinator

Research Interests

  • Shared decision making
  • Uncertainty in health care
  • Qualitative research methods

Caitlin Gutheil serves as a Research Coordinator at CORE, with a focus on conducting qualitative studies and developing health communications. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Swarthmore College and a Master’s Degree from the Harvard School of Public Health where she was awarded the Charles F. Wilinsky Prize for Academic Excellence. She trained as a Leadership Development Fellow at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Caitlin has over twenty years’ experience in health care delivery and research. Her prior positions include managing the development of wellness products at Health Dialog, overseeing the student health program at Bowdoin College, directing community-based cancer prevention studies at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, implementing marketing strategies and community relations programs at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and serving as a Research Associate on policy research at Harvard Medical School and pharmaceutical research at Medfield State Hospital.

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