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The Grants and Contracts Office is responsible for coordinating the internal institutional administrative review, processing and post-award requirements for all:

  • clinical study contract agreements with industry sponsors
  • internal and external research grant application submissions
  • development of post-award contracts and subcontracts

Grants Program

Processes and coordinates all investigator-initiated research proposals that seek funding from any external source, including the NIH, other federal agencies, state agencies, foundations, medical institutes, universities, or other sources; oversees internal review process; verifies completeness and submits research proposals; oversees post-award grant requirements.

Contact the grant manager when you are planning to submit a proposal to any outside funding source, or if you need assistance in identifying a funding source.

Michele Locker
Program Manager

Contracts Program

Processes all Clinical Trial Agreements, confidentiality agreements and related amendments; processes all post-award contracts and subcontracts.

Contact the contract manager if you are planning to conduct a clinical trial and have a sponsor, or if you already have a funder who wishes to fund your participation in a project through a contract.

Colleen O’Neill, JD
Research Contracts Officer