Biomedical research is undergoing constant change, and the present time is no exception. New approaches to study the molecular basis of human disease are being introduced at a staggering pace. CMM and MMCRI must remain nimble and adaptive to the changing landscape of biomedical research and all of the challenges that this entails.

While the pace of biomedical discovery is accelerating globally and at CMM, the challenges have also become more complex. Investigators are being challenged to do more with less in a highly competitive funding environment and diminishing national  resources for biomedical research.

Yet despite these challenges, I am confident that CMM investigators and their staff will rise to this challenge and continue to make strong, groundbreaking  contributions to biomedical research. In addition, we expect our researchers to continue to garner national and international recognition for their contributions to biomedical science through their collaborative spirit and continued support from the MMC community.

Thomas Gridley, PhD
Director, Center for Molecular Medic

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