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The PIER Program partners with clients and families to set goals for positive outcomes through the services listed below.

Community Outreach & Referral

To make a referral to PIER, please call:

Becca Wertheimer/ Outreach & Referral Coordinator

Phone: (207) 661-7343

Multifamily Group (MFG)

Multifamily Group is an opportunity for your family (client with parents, siblings, partners, and/or other social supports) to meet with clinical staff and 5-6 other PIER families to learn more about the troubling symptoms that brought you into the PIER Program. Studies show that MFG can help your family member get better as everyone learns more about the illness process, ways to reduce stress, and how to get on with your lives (friends, work, school, activities). Single Family therapy sessions are similar yet only focus on and include your family.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp)

What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp)? CBTp is a collaborative, goal oriented, individual therapy that helps individuals manage their symptoms. It is an evidence-based intervention, shown to be effective in reducing distress and functional deficits associated with psychotic symptoms. CBTp has been developed to target symptoms across the spectrum of psychosis, from individuals identified as being ‘at-risk’ of developing psychosis to individuals with a longstanding diagnosis.

The aim of CBTp is to help the individual gain a better understanding of the triggers and maintaining factors associated with their symptoms by developing an individualized formulation. This formulation aids treatment planning and the development of goals related to increasing self-management through acquiring new and helpful cognitive and behavioral skills.


Supported Education and Employment

What is Supported Education? Supported Education provides assistance to students so they can successfully return to school or begin either a community-based school system or a post-secondary educational program. The Employment Specialist meets with the client and family, PIER staff, and appropriate school staff.

What is Supported Employment (SE)? Supported Employment is an approach to vocational rehabilitation that assists clients (and members of their families) in finding and keeping a job that pays a competitive wage, capitalizes on personal strengths, and provides the support necessary to be successful in the workplace. Examples of specific services include, but are not limited to: finding a job, keeping a job, connection to resources, an updated résumé, on-site job coaching, and improving interview skills.


Care Management

What is Care Management? This approach to care management builds upon client and family strengths. It helps the client and family build a long term plan to identify and access community resources needed to achieve their goals. The care manager can help client and families access:

-Community supports
-Health insurance and Mainecare
-Assistance with medication (i.e. organizational tools, reminder calls, pharmacy calls)
-Help with housing, food stamps, etc.