COBRE in Mesenchymal and Neural Regulation of Metabolic Networks


Project 3:  Beta blockers and their impact on fracture risk in nursing home residents taking atypical antipsychotics. —  Dr. Christine Duarte


  • Atypical Antipsychotic (AA) drug use in elderly adults is associated with an up to twofold increased risk of fractures1-3
  • Reasons for AA-related fracture risk are unknown
    • May involve the sympathetic nervous system (SNS)
    • SNS can cause bone loss through beta adrenergic signaling in bone cells
  • Animal models show AA-induced bone loss can be reduced with co-therapy with BBs 4


  • Concurrent BB use in incident AA users will result in reduction in fracture risk

 Proposed Study

  • Large observational study to measure concurrent BB effect on fracture risk in elderly nursing home residents initiating AAs
  • Large national database of linked clinical data (Minimum Data Set or MDS) and diagnosis/drug data from Medicare Parts A and D for the majority of U.S. long-stay residents in the years 2007-2013

 Anticipated Results

  • Evidence on whether BB exposure mitigates fracture risk from AA treatment, and how that effect varies by BB drug
  • Insight into the mechanisms underlying fracture risk due to use of AAs, BBs that can inform animal model research
  • Preliminary data to support BB-based mechanisms to treat AA-induced fracture risk


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Overview of Experimental of Study Design

This project is a translational study addressing the combination of AA and BB use in the nursing home, which will be supported by concomitant studies (Project 4) addressing bone physiology in a mouse model. The figure shows the project overview (left) and relation to mouse studies in collaborating project (Motyl, right).