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The Small Animal Imaging Facility provides magnetic resonance imaging, high-resolution computed tomography (µCT), and high-resolution ultrasound imaging. The equipment includes a BRUKER PharmaScan 7T, 300 MHz imager with a resolution of 90 µm. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive method that is utilized to look at anatomy and physiology in mice. Our animal facility provides non-barrier housing for external investigators with some exceptions concerning the health status of mice.

Services Available:

  • Any anatomical/morphological images of all organs.
  • Magnetic resonance angiography, non-contrast enhanced and contrast enhanced
  • Proton spectroscopy, global and localized (for example: assessment of water:fat ratios in bone marrow).
  • Cardiac imaging, diastolic and systolic dimensions of the ventricle, cardiac movies, cardiac movies, late gadolinium, enhancement of cardiac infarcts, cardiac scar evaluation, and size determination.
  • In-utero assessment of embryo development/embryonic defects or determination of the time point for the loss/resorption of transgenic embryos, and high resolution embryo imaging (~27 µm).
  • Targeted contrast enhanced imaging using your specific antibody that is conjugated to gadolinium.

µCT (Viva40, Scanco, 11µm resolution) services are available for bone and isolated tissue specimens including image acquisition and quantification.

Ultrasound (VEVO2100, VisualSonics) imaging is currently only available for mice from approved vendors. Services provided include: anatomical/morphological imaging, tumor volume determination, echocardiography, and targeted and non-targeted microbubble imaging, and blood flow quantification.

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Director: Ilka Pinz, PhD


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Director: Ilka Pinz, PhD