How to Enroll in a CITI Course for the First Time

From the CITI home page, choose “Register” in the upper right

  1. Choose your institutional affiliation. (Maine Medical Center)
  2. Choose a Username and Password
  3. Provide contact information required by your institution.
  4. You will be given the opportunity to register with another institution. This is a handy option as you will not be required to complete the same modules required by both institutions more than once.
  5. Answer one or more questions about your research focus or research role so that the software will present you with the appropriate customized curriculum.
  6. After you select the curriculum, the software will present you with the “Learners Main Menu.”
  7. You will then click on the “Enter” link to open the course.
  8. The modules will then be displayed.

Animal Care and Use Catalog (CITI ACU Program)

The course catalog (viewable under “More Information” section) provides a description of each course within the ACU series and of the specific modules that make up each course.

Course Listings:

  • Essentials for IACUC Members (IACUC members, coordinators, administrators)
  • Working with the IACUC (Investigators, Staff and Students)
  • Post-Procedure Care of Mice and Rats in Research Curriculum
  • Working with Mice in Research Settings
  • Working with Rats in Research Settings
  • Working with Swine in Research Settings