Submission Deadlines

Full Committee Approval: Protocols that require full review with our IACUC include: Initial submissions, Triennial submissions, protocols with USA regulated species, and any study that is called to Full Committee review by a member of the IACUC.

Time for review:  As a general guidance, an IACUC protocol should be received at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the next meeting (see below). Keep in mind, that some studies, especially those with new experiments, take longer to prepare for review, Please consider this challenge when submitting your materials for review.

  • Submissions received after the deadline may be added to the IACUC agenda for the following month. This is done to allow for a thorough pre-review and give the IACUC members a reasonable amount of time to review the materials prior to the IACUC meeting.
  • Initial submissions and amendments that are not ready for review will moved to the following IACUC meeting.
  • Annual review submissions and Triennial review submissions that are not ready for review prior to the expiration date, will expire and close. Please be mindful of the annual and triennial expiration dates of your protocols and submit for review with enough time for a thorough review and modifications, if needed, prior the expiration.
  • IACUC policy states approximately 14 business days for Designated  Member Review. We are a small team and factors, such as: clarifications, modifications, work load for the IACUC, and availability of reviewers can impact this review goal.
  • NEW: PIs with protocols that involve USDA regulated specifies should submit them for annual review at the IACUC meeting, the month prior to the expiration date.

2019 Meeting Schedule

Submission Deadline Meeting Date
January 11 January 25
 February 8  February 22
 March 15  March 29
 April 12  April 26
 May 17  May 31
 June 14  June 28
 July 12  July 26
 August 16  August 30
 September 13  September 27
 October 11  October 25
 November 8  November 22
 December 6  December 20

Inspection Months are May and November