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The mission at CORE is three-fold:

Conduct innovative research to understand and improve patient-centered outcomes in health care

Research at CORE focuses on outcomes that matter to patients:

  • Health, disease, survival, health-related quality of life
  • Patient experiences with care
  • Health care quality and safety
  • Comparative effectiveness of medical interventions

CORE consists of a multidisciplinary group of researchers with expertise in biostatistics, epidemiology, health communication and decision making, informatics, medical education, predictive modeling, and population health. CORE scientists conduct patient-centered outcomes research in collaboration with clinicians and investigators both at Maine Medical Center and the larger regional, national, and international research communities. Research at CORE focuses on a variety of health problems including cancer, cardiovascular disease, injury and trauma, palliative care and end-of-life care, primary care, and psychiatric disease. CORE research has been supported by various funding agencies, including the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, American Cancer Society, Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maine Cancer Foundation, National Cancer Institute, National Human Genome Research Institute, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation.

Initiate and evaluate interventions to improve health care quality and safety

CORE supports the mission of Maine Medical Center and MaineHealth by actively engaging in institutional quality improvement initiatives. CORE scientists are engaged in a strategic partnership with the Center for Performance Improvement at MMC, and provide leadership and support for several institutional initiatives to improve health care quality and patient safety. Past projects have included a major initiative to measure and improve length of stay, and current work includes several projects integrating healthcare systems engineering into hospital operations and clinical care workflow. CORE, CPI, and MMC have close collaborations with the Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute at Northeastern University, and are members of the National Science Foundation-sponsored Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT), a multi-institution industry-university collaborative devoted to advancing innovation in healthcare delivery.

Support research through education, training, and mentoring

CORE supports research at Maine Medical Center, with the goal of enabling investigators of all levels across the institution to conduct high-quality patient-centered outcomes research.

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What is translational research?

“Translation is the process of turning observations in the laboratory, clinic and community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public — from diagnostics and therapeutics to medical procedures and behavioral changes.”

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