The PIER Team 

PIER is a transdisciplinary treatment team of social workers, psychiatrist, educational/vocational specialist, case manager and peer support partners.

Lynch_Sarah2Sarah Lynch, LCSW
PIER Program Manager
(207) 662-3162

Hilary Andrew, MD
PIER Program Psychiatrist
(207) 662-2948

Emily Hancock, LCSW
PIER Program Social Worker
(207) 662-6723

Rebecca Jaynes, LCPC
PIER Program Social Worker
(207) 661-7344

Mary Ross
PIER Case Manager
(207) 661-7745

Verna L. Ross     
PIER Administrative Associate
(207) 662-3810

Tompkins_DavidDavid Tompkins M.S. Ed.
PIER Program Vocation/Education Specialist
(207) 662-6137

Wertheimer_RebeccaRebecca Wertheimer, LCSW
PIER Outreach and Referral Coordinator
(207) 661-7343