The clinical and translational research community at MMCRI is a closely-linked, multi-disciplinary scientific enterprise in which basic, clinical and translational researchers plan and conduct studies as collaborators and scientific colleagues. With the tripod of research, education and patient care as the center of our endeavor, forging the interdisciplinary divide between clinical, translational, and basic research.

We provide the opportunity and environment for translational research to flourish through mentoring from established investigators to junior scientists. We have established core facilities to enhance and facilitate translational research being performed by an assembled group of basic and clinical researchers at  MMCRI.

Alexa Craig, MD is a pediatric neurologist at Maine Medical Center (MMC) specializing in the care of high-risk newborn infants.  Learn more about Dr. Craig’s research.

Robert Ecker, MD is a neurosurgeon, the Director of the Neuroscience Institute at Maine Medical Center and Principle Site Investigator on the Swift-Prime Study and other clinical trials for stroke intervention.

Lucy Liaw, PhD is the Director of Research Training Programs at MMCRI and a Senior Faculty Scientist studying heart disease and cancer.  Learn more about Dr. Liaw’s research.

Leif Oxburgh, DVM, PhD is a Senior Faculty Scientist at MMCRI developing methods for regenerating human kidney tissue for the treatment of patients with kidney failure.  Learn more about Dr. Oxburgh’s research.

Cliff Rosen, MD is the Director of the Center for Clinical & Translational Research and a Senior Scientist at MMCRI studying osteoporosis and obesity.  Dr. Rosen is the first member of the Editorial Board of the New England Journal of Medicine, in its 203 year history, to be based outside of the Boston academic community  Learn more about Dr. Rosen’s research

David Seder, MD is Director of the Division of Neuro-critical Medicine at MMC investigating ways to minimize brain injury following cardiac arrest and stroke.  Learn more about Dr. Seder’s research.

Matthew Siegel, MD is a pediatric psychiatrist at Maine Behavioral Healthcare and Director of the Autism and Developmental Disorder Inpatient Research Collaborative.  Learn more about Dr. Siegel’s research.