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How Do We Work with Young People and Families to Set Individualized Goals?

• Comprehensive assessment
• Individual counseling
• Family counseling
• Multifamily groups
• Medication management
• Employment/Education support
• Care management
• Peer mentoring
• Reducing stigma with outreach and education in the community

How Does Early Intervention Make a Difference?

• More rapid and complete recovery
• Preservation of brain functioning
• Preservation of psycho-social skills
• Decreased needs for intensive treatments
• Maintained connections with supports
• Reduced stigma and perception of rejection

Who Can Participate?

Adolescents or young adults, ages 15-26, experiencing some of the following difficulties that have begun or worsened in the past year:

• Feeling “something’s not quite right”
• Having trouble thinking clearly, focusing, or concentrating
• Worrisome drop in school or work performance
• Unusual thoughts and confusion
• Fearful for no good reason
• Difficulty communicating and understanding
• Suspiciousness, fears, or uneasiness with others
• Mood instability
• Declining interest in people, activities and self-care
• Hearing sounds/voices that are not there
• Pervasive anxiety
• Disrupted sleep patterns

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