Notch3 co-localization with contractile SMC in atherosclerotic lesion. Liaw Lab

Maine Medical Center Research Institute supports and encourages a broad spectrum of research at Maine Medical Center ranging from basic laboratory-based research through translational research, which works to apply basic discoveries to medical problems, to clinical research, which studies the direct application of new drugs, devices and treatment protocols to patients, to health services research which seeks to use research methods to help improve and evaluate health care delivery programs and new technologies.

Successful medical research is a complex process requiring close collaboration of basic scientists, physicians, epidemiologists and data analysts, state-of-the-art instruments, resources to protect the interest of patients who volunteer to participate in clinical trials, and a strong commitment on the part of the Institution. All of these elements are represented in the Maine Medical Center Research Institute. We have world-class scientists working on the most advanced biomedical problems. We have been successful in bringing the benefits of new discoveries to our patients and to the world, and we have an ongoing commitment to continue to be one of the very best biomedical research communities.

The Year in Review documents below highlight the research work and accomplishments throughout Maine Medical Center Research Institute.

MMCRI 2020 Year in Review

2019 MMCRI Year in Review

MMCRI 2019 Year in Review

MMCRI 2018 Year in Review

MMCRI 2017 Year in Review

MMCRI 2017 Year in Review