The reagents offered here were developed in our laboratory out of necessity to move our own research forward because corresponding commercially available reagents did not meet our standards.  We use these reagents in our own research on a regular basis. We believe that our monoclonal antibody reagents are unsurpassed in performance and we clearly state their suitability for specific applications.

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Product Catalog Number Price ($USD) Data Sheet
Anti-Cthrc1 monoclonal antibody Vli13E09 $300
Anti-Cthrc1 rabbit monoclonal antibody VLi55 $275
Anti-human Cthrc1 monoclonal antibody Vli10G07 $275
Anti-human Cthrc1 monoclonal antibody -biotin conjugate Vli10G07-bio $275
Anti-human Cthrc1 monoclonal antibody Vli19C07 $250
Anti-rat/mouse Cthrc1 monoclonal antibody Vli08G09 $250
Anti-rat/mouse Cthrc1 monoclonal – biotin conjugate Vli08G09-biot $250
Anti-myc tag monoclonal antibody Vli47 $250
Anti-myc tag, human c-myc antibody rabbit monoclonal Vli01 $250
Anti-pan collagen monoclonal antibody Vli42 $250
Human Cthrc1 ELISA Kit (do-it-yourself) hCthrc1-ELISA $600
VE-cadherin, cadherin 5 monoclonal antibody Vli37 $250
ZO-2, Tight Junction Protein 2 (TJP2) monoclonal antibody Vli13 $250
Anti-pSmad1,5,8  monoclonal antibody Vli31 $250
Anti-pSmad1,5,8  monoclonal antibody Vli49 $250
Anti-pSmad2 polyclonal D6658 $250
Anti-pSmad2 polyclonal D8591 $250

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