The in vivo Imaging Core offers complete services for non-destructive, longitudinal optical imaging and analysis of mice, allowing for analysis of a wide array of analyses. Within the imaging room there is a complete setup for mouse or model preparation, isoflurane anesthesia (XGI-8 anesthesia system), and mouse imaging/data acquisition using the Caliper Lumina LT in vivo imaging system (IVIS) (Cat # CLS136331, PerkinElmer) with bioluminescent and fluorescent capabilities, containing 4 emission filters and 10 excitation filters (shown below). We also have the Caliper XFOV-24 Lens attachment enabling imaging of up to 5 mice simultaneously. We have 5 licenses for image analysis software that can be shared as needed allowing either the user or the Core to perform or assist with data analysis.

Services Available with or without Core Director Assistance:

  • Experimental Design and Protocol Optimization
  • Fluorescent Imaging, Quantification, and Data Analysis
  • Bioluminescent Imaging, Quantification, and Data Analysis

Pricing determined based on research project. Please contact Core Facilities Director to inquire.

Director: Michaela Reagan, PhD

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Director: Michaela Reagan, PhD