We provide high quality, consistent viral vector services and are dedicated to the development and production of viral vectors for angiogenesis, stem cell & regenerative medicine and clinical renal research.  Viral vectors are produced in a dedicated BL2 facility within the MMCRI building.  Vector systems currently being used include adenovirus, retrovirus and lentivirus.

Services Available:

  • Transfection and transduction of gene-specific viral DNA provided by principal investigators.
  • Small, large and custom scale production of adenovirus, retrovirus and lentivirus (2nd & 3rd generation packaging).
  • TCID50 titration of adenovirus
  • Titration of retrovirus and lentivirus (fluorescence marker or antibiotic resistance)
  • Test for replicaion competent virus (RCV) in lentivirus preparations.

All prices are in US dollars

Service Available
Adenovirus Transfection through large scale prep (1012vp/ml) $400 $650
Adenovirus Seed Virus provided by PI, large scale purification $300 $500
Adenovirus TCID50 Titration of Adenovirus $75 $100
Aliquot Adenovirus 25ul per vial $ 50 $50
Adenovirus Control Aliquot (AdGFP, AdDS-Red, AdmCherry, AdCFP, AdLacz, AdLucif, AdNull, and AdCre)  $25  $35
Retrovirus Production (2x10cm / transfection, harvest, aliquot) $100 $200
Lentivirus (>40ml viral supernatant) $175 $275
Standard Lentivirus Prep (500ul of 106-108 TU/ml) titer size  $300  $550
High Titer Lentivirus Prep (500ul of >109 TU/ml) please specify 2nd & 3rd generation $600 $900
Lentivirus titration (Must have marker or antibiotic resistance) Please indicate specific antibiotic or GFP in vector $100 $125
Lentivirus Test for Replication Competent Virus (RCV) $100 $150

NOTE: Industrial/ For Profit Institutions, please call or email for price quote

Contact Us

Information and Ordering: VirusCore@mmc.org

Director: Calvin Vary, PhD
(207) 396-8148

Core Manager: Eric Tweedie (primary contact person)
(207) 396-8248

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