We provide protein and small molecule structural and functional analysis, and quantitation using state of the art technology and software applications.

 Services Available

  • Nano-liquid chromatography
  • Protein identification and quantitation using SWATH
  • Protein post translational modification identification
  • Lipid profiling and identification (MS/MSALL)
  • Targeted multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) for lipids


  • Sciex 5600 TripleTOF tandem mass spectrometer with duo spray and nanospray ion sources
  • Sciex 4000 QTRAP ion trap mass spectrometer
  • Dionex/ThermoFisher U_3000 RSLC nano liquid chromatography system
  • Analysis software (ProteinPilot™, MarkerView™,  MultiQuant™, LipidView™)

This component of the Protein, Nucleic Acid Analysis and Cell Imaging Core is supported by the Vascular Biology Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) Program of the National Center for Research Resources.

Application, per sample Summary of items MMCRI Non-profit academic For-Profit
*Protein LCMS, Gel slice Extraction reagents, trypsin, solvents, plastics $191 $298 $382
Protein LCMS, Complex sample Extraction reagents, trypsin, solvents, plastics $106 $165 $212
Quantitative ICAT4 LCMS (per sample pair) Extraction reagents, ICAT labels, solvents, plastics $441 $688 $882
**Protein SWATH5 LCMS, Complex sample Extraction reagents, trypsin, solvents, plastics $136 $212 $272
Lipidomics6, 7
Unbiased Lipid MS/MSALL, 8, 5600 (serum) Extractions, solvents, glassware, etc. $46 $72 $92
Unbiased Lipid MS/MSALL, 5600 (tissue) Extractions, solvents, glassware, etc. $48 $75 $96
Targeted precursor ion scan, 4000QTRAP (serum) Extractions, solvents, glassware, etc. $51 $80 $102
Targeted MRM, 4000QTRAP (tissue) Extractions, solvents, glassware, etc. $53 $83 $106

*A $40/hr charge is applied per project for bioinformatics data analysis. **Pricing is for mouse or human samples: An additional sample charge may apply if a new SWATH spectra database is needed 9.


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9. Schubert OT, Gillet LC, Collins BC, Navarro P, Rosenberger G, Wolski WE, Lam H, Amodei D, Mallick P, MacLean B, Aebersold R. Building high-quality assay libraries for targeted analysis of swath ms data. Nat Protoc. 2015;10:426-441

Contact Us

Director: Calvin Vary, PhD

Manager: Barbara Conley

Service Request

Service forms must be filled out completely with as much detailed information as possible.  The completed form must include the signature and account number of the Principle Investigator of the lab requesting services.  Completed forms should be submitted to Barbara Conley (Vary Lab).

Oligonucleotide and siRNA ordering through Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

For DNA Sequencing: complete Service Request form

  • DNA sequencing (run only)
  • DNA sequencing (core does cleanup and run)
For Mass spectrometry servcies: complete Service Request Form

  • Protein identification-{Complex mixtures, gel slice, immunoprecipitation}
  • Protein Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) assay development
  • SWATH Protein analysis
  • MSMSALL Lipidomic profiling (5600 TTof)
  • Targeted Precursor ion lipid profiling (4000QTRAP)
  • Other services include small molecula assay development, protein post-translational modification etc.-Please contact for more info.
Email completed form(s) to conleb@mmc.org
Phone: (207) 396-8148/ Fax: (207) 396-8179