Anya Cutler, MS, MPHAnya Cutler

Research Analyst III

Anya Cutler is a Research Analyst III at CORE. She holds an MS in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Vermont and an MPH in Global Epidemiology with a certificate in Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology from Emory University.

Prior to starting at CORE, Anya conducted research in a wide range of scientific disciplines. She worked as a research technician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in an Allergy and Immunology lab after graduating from Skidmore College. For her M.S. thesis, she assessed abiotic and biotic factors influencing E. coli survival in sustainable agriculture systems. During her MPH, she researched norovirus survival in agriculture systems, worked as a data analyst at the CDC to evaluate the impact of maternal exposure to PFAS on the birth size of infants, and did her thesis work on how the microbiome mediates racial disparities in pregnancy outcomes. Upon completing her MPH, she worked as a staff scientist in Emory’s Environmental Science department evaluating quantification bias in pollen genetics.

Anya’s interests include health disparities in marginalized populations, effective communication of scientific findings and uncertainty to the general public, and colorful data visualization.

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