CITI Training Requirements

On January 1, 2018, to align with NIH practices, CITI training requirements were updated.   All investigators involved in biomedical or socio/behavioral research must complete both a Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and a basic course.  The IRB will not review or approve a submitted research proposal until all training requirements are met.

CITI Training Website

Note: Course choices, shown below, depend on your type of research; acceptable alternatives to CITI courses (taken at MMC or another institution less than 3 years ago) are listed in italics.  

Investigators performing health-related biomedical research must complete:

One (1) basic course:  CITI Group 1. Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel OR NIH Human Subjects Protection (HSP) training

One (1) GCP course:    CITI Good Clinical Practice (US only Drug or Device Research) OR CITI Good Clinical Practice (International Drug Research) OR Transcelerate-approved training

Investigators performing social/behavioral/educational Research must complete:

One (1) basic course:  CITI Group 2. Social/Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel OR NIH Human Subjects Protection (HSP) training

One (1) GCP course:   CITI GCP Social and Behavioral Research Best Practices for Clinical Research

Please remember:

  • When any of your CITI training courses expire, take the refresher course; you do NOT need to take the full course again;
  • If your existing CITI training is up to date but your research emphasis changes (e.g. biomedical vs sociobehavioral research), you do NOT need to take any additional content-specific courses until your current choices expire;
    • At that time, you have the option to complete the full course in your new area of emphasis OR the refresher course in your previous area of research emphasis;
  • A refresher course is required every 3 years.

Please email the IRB at with any questions about these requirements.

Institutional Review Board

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Portland, Maine 04101

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