Chuck Lubelczyk, BS, MPH

Field Biologist


BS:  Wildlife Biology, University of New Hampshire
MPH: University of New England

Charles Lubelczyk has worked on research in the spread of vector-borne diseases since the late-1990’s, while working worth with the Maine Medical Center Research Institute in Scarborough, Maine. A native of New Hampshire, Chuck’s work has focused on interactions between ticks and mosquitoes and their host and habitat requirements, as well as integrated pest management (IPM) approaches to reducing exposure to vector-borne diseases.

He is currently working on projects relating to the surveillance of mosquito-borne  viruses, like eastern equine encephalitis and Jamestown Canyon virus, in Maine and New Hampshire, the use of community-based strategies to control deer ticks ticks on Maine’s island communities, the role of migratory birds in the ecology of Lyme disease (right), and development of pesticide resistance in mosquito vectors. He currently resides on a farm with his wife Laura and three ungrateful cats in Maine’s midcoast.